Joanna Young

What the Critics Have To Say

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

John W. Engeman Theater

”Howie Michael Smith and Joanna Young are amusing and touching as the older couple who meet and gingerly enjoy a little dance in a funeral parlor. Dressed in intentionally frumpy bridesmaid’s attire designed by Ryan J. Moller, Ms. Young also wrings the utmost from her country-western number, lamenting how “my friends can’t assess a man or a dress.” 

New York Times

"Joanna Young adds the same pretty vocals and comical range to her bevy of characters that she contributed to the similarly shaped Off-Broadway hit Rated P….for Parenthood."


Rated P...For Parenthood

Off-Broadway – Westside Theatre

 “What a talented foursome that able director Jeremy Dobrish has recruited. They’re all equally valuable in both song and story, so listing them in alphabetical order is the only fair way to name them: Courtney Balan, Bradley Dean, David Josefsberg, and Joanna Young...When playing the parent of a teenager, Young makes her pronouncement, “You are not going to a beach party on a school night in January” even funnier than it inherently is.”  

New Jersey Star Ledger

 “Let’s raise a sippy cup to the talented David Josefsberg, Courtney Balan, Chris Hoch and Joanna Young, who energetically depict various moms, dads, kids and others.”



North Shore Music Theatre

 “None of them stand out…but Joanna Young, who doubles as a waitress and a country vocalist.”   

Boston Globe

A Chorus Line

Stages St. Louis

 “Joanna Young as Diana delivers a strong "Nothing" and "What I Did for Love”. Young, however, is one of the few in the cast who remembers that singing is acting to music. And acting is where this production falls short.”

Riverfront Times

Casa Mañana

 “Joanna Young gives good sass as Val to Dance: Ten Looks: Three.”

Dallas Star-Telegram 

Cherry County Playhouse

"Joanna Young as Diana has some of the best songs of the evening-and certainly the voice to deliver them."

Grand Rapids Press


Reagle Music Theatre

“The hard hearted leader of the Pink Ladies, Betty Rizzo is played by Joanna Young. She dances up a storm and shows her range as an actress, showing the comic and dramatic moments in this show.”

The Theater Mirror

Barn Theatre 

"Young's voice is tailor made for 50's rock, and she proved that in her duet "Summer Nights"

Kalamazoo Gazette

"Joanna Young is at once sexy and demure. She has a strong voice and is a very talented actress."

Battle Creek Enquirer

Like You Like It

Beckett Theatre - NYMF

“Audrey Sheppard is given ideal spoiled-girl rendition by Joanna Young…the best of the rest is the sharp and funny Young.”